Master of Ceremonies

Your MC is responsible for much more than merely making the odd introduction – in fact they can make or break your wedding reception, party or corporate function. They are responsible for setting the mood and coordinating everything. In short they are responsible for how the entire event pans out.

They introduce presentations, handle logistics, keep time, introduce speakers, tie different presentations together, recap messages, wind up your event in a professional and timely manner.

Over and above all of this, your MC is there to keep the audience interested, comfortable and energized. We’d like to offer you two of the best in the business………Tottie Goldsmith and Geoff “Coxy” Cox!

If you’re planning a Wedding, Corporate Event or Party we can supply all of your event professionals. Contact us today!

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Pricing will depend on the length and nature of the engagement.  Please call or email us to talk about your event in detail.

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