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So how long should the band play?

We usually quote for a 5 hour event (this is the standard length of most weddings, parties and corporate events) but this can be lengthened for an additional fee. Please note the band cannot physically play continuously for an entire 5 hour period (we’re human too!) so we suggest one short canape set plus 3 x 45 min sets of music spread throughout the event. With other formalities and speeches, our clients have found that this amount of “band time” is perfect.

Will the music just stop when the band is having a break?

We always bring our own DJ equipment so that the venue is still alive with music. If you like, you can bring your own iPod for these breaks or just leave the background music up to us. Our people always carry a selection of appropriate background and “dance floor” music. As the main course arrives our clients generally find that the room is too noisy for a background band, and no-one wants to eat while a band is playing in the background, so this is the perfect time to chat with your guests.

How do I book your event professionals?

First you need to check that we are available as our people tend to get booked out well in advance! Our online booking form asks you to fill out your contact details and select the event professionals you would like. We’ll be there to help you, as (for instance) many of our clients don’t know what sized band they’re after.

When it comes to band size what do you recommend?

Planning a wedding can become pretty overwhelming so we’d like to offer you our years of experience to help you make the right choices. The size of the band equates to the number of musicians, basically a 3 piece band has 3 musicians etc. We understand that there are budget restraints so there are plenty of different options designed to suit a range of budgets.

It’s important to note that the volume of each of the line-ups can easily be controlled to your requirements. The largest pieces of equipment are the drums and PA system. In regards to space needed, each band will take up about 3m deep x 4m wide(approximately).

If you’re planning a Wedding/Corporate Event or Party we can supply all of your event professionals. Contact us today!

How does the band’s sound check/set up work?

It takes roughly 45mins to fully set up and sound check our bands. This time is not considered to be part of the 5 hour hire period and so it doesn’t carry any additional cost. As an example, if you were to book one of our bands for an event which begins at 7pm and finishes at 12pm, we would arrive at 6pm to be fully set up and sound checked for a 7pm start.

Do your bands travel and are there extra fees involved?

If we are requested to perform in areas outside the Melbourne CBD then travel costs are worked out on a per musician basis. Please talk to us about your location for your upcoming event.

Do I get to choose the music for my wedding or corporate event?

Please give us a good clear indication of the kinds of music you want played (and not played), however it is unrealistic to expect that lead singers will play every single song on their list. Our lead singers are highly professional and know how to “read” a crowd and play the kinds of songs that will get the dance floor really jumping, which means that sometimes plans will change spontaneously on the night to meet the moods of the crowd. Take a look at each bands song lists and work with us to create the perfect soundtrack for your wedding, party or event

All of our bands are highly experienced and are well known for performing a huge and extremely varied repertoire of material. We understand that there will be a broad cross section of ages and musical tastes present at events and so we make sure we keep everyone happy – old, young and everything in between.

In the early stages of your event we’ll typically perform a selection of tasteful jazz/reggae and soul classics plus throw in a few newer songs. This is the time of your event when your guests will chat, mingle and catch up without being blown away by loud live music. Later on though you and your guests will naturally want to party! This is when our bands will crank it up with some more high energy tunes in the rock, pop, disco, r and b and funk genres.

Check out our bands song lists and feel free to request up to 10 songs (from the lists) that you’d like to be played for your event. It’s equally important that you tell us what you don’t want to be played! We do however request that you leave it up to us on the night in terms of taking the crowd on a musical journey. With countless thousands of events and performances between us we know how to read a crowd and keep the party building to make it memorable for everyone. Capturing the crowds attention, keeping it growing and keeping everyone on the dance floor and having a great time is our biggest strength.

Once we have received your deposit you’ll be sent a confirmation email with some preliminary planning information. You’ll be able to make your 10 song choices plus give us any other information such as a bridal dance choice and any further band or MC instructions.

If you’re planning a Wedding/Corporate Event or Party we can supply all of your event professionals. Contact us today!

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