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Tim Trappett. An accomplished professional Dj, Tim Trappett (A.K.A DJ RELLIK) has been performing for 20 years, his career has seen him collaborate and perform with hundreds of international and local acts in the hip hop and dance music community. He currently Runs an Independent Record label from his Studio in Glen Waverley. The Label has been Tim’s Launch pad for some exiting Projects such as Film Scores for Independent films, Workshops, Dj Classes at High Schools, Musical Art Installations, and guest spots on International Releases. He has established himself as predominantly a hip hop/soul Dj but is involved in several acts from a broad range of genres which span over the entire musical spectrum. Performing at festivals, local shows and night clubs all over Australia. There isn’t an Event that he hasn’t experienced. He has a knack to read a crowd and respond with the right kind of music for any age demographic. Tim is suitable for any event from Weddings to large corporate functions, party band performances and this flexibility gives him the edge that defines a good Dj. His Experience in these areas makes him ideal for your next Event. Rellik has just returned from shows in New York and has Featured on /produced over 108 albums through the Turnstyle Records label Since 2006. He holds the title of 2014-15 DMC state Champ for Victoria and Received Second Place in 2015. Currently Rellik runs three podcast programs from Turnstyle Records Studio and Is working on a solo album featuring International and local artists in Hip Hop. Always active, always busy!



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Pricing will depend on the length and nature of the engagement.  Please call or email us to talk about your event in detail.

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